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Daniel Casson is a Landscape and Commercial photographer from Sheffield, England.

Daniel started on the app, Instagram. A hobby, quickly turned into a passion, when he gained a loyal following of over 800,000 across all of his social channels, where people from all over the world noticed his work. Daniel is able to create a story around your product or service and then create some amazing images and videos to engage your audience.

Selected Clients

Land Rover, DJI Global, UK National Lottery, Pringles, Dominos, Daniel Wellington, Barbour, Vodafone UK, Hunter Boots, Huawei Mobile, Sawdays Travel, Sykes Cottages, Ubisoft, Visit Faroe Islands, Sony Xperia GB, Hamilton Perkins, Ivywake, Volcom, Green and Blacks, Abbott Lyon, Avi-8, Propercorn, B&O Play, Ultimate Ears.  Most recently Shackleton Whiskey, Visit Croatia, Tijn Eyewear, Chatsworth House, Sandmarc, Douchebags, Manorhouse Farm Cottages, Popchips UK, Base London Ltd, LumixUK,, Canopy and Stars, Unique Homestays, Oppo UK, Wandrd Bags, Moss Peak, Will and Bear, Phizz, Tours by Locals, Unique Hideaways, Boutique Retreats, Luxury Lodges, Mini, Raby Castle, Original Cottages, Rest and Wild, Hard Seltzer, North Coast 500 Pods, Shimoda Bags, Blackleaf, Boutique Luxury Retreats, Watergate Bay Hotel, Another Place Hotel, 57 Nord, Tigh an Tobair, Jeep UK, Unyoked, Stuckdurach Estates, Eagle Brae, Hidden River Cabins, Loch Lomond Waterfront Lodges, Adobe UK, Sackcloth and Ashes, The Granary Hampshire, Balcaress Estate, Ocean Bottle, MPB, Dimpsey Glamping, Dylan Thomas Resort.

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